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Kids intuitively grab and try a toy on shelf, especially when it’s plan-o-grammed at kid-level. That’s a good thing. It squeaks! It sings! It giggles! They don’t even have to read the words. (So what am I doing as a writer?) It’s the toy itself. It’s the colors. It’s the open and inviting package. We worry about grubby hands. We worry about shelf life. We worry. We solve problems. As a team: The graphic designer. The structural engineer. And me. Your happy copywriter and product namer. (More about memorable naming later. In the meantime, catch up with me at @NameGirl ) “Mama, look. I want this,” you hear him say.

While writing for Mattel, I learned that if a mom picked up a package at her local toy store (if there are any left) or a convenient Target while entertaining a crying baby in the shopping cart while chasing a toddler racing down the aisle while checking inside her purse for the credit card and (you get the idea)…if she picked it up and turned it around to read a poem about the product or peruse a list of playful features, the likelihood of her purchase increased by a healthy percentage. “No, you have to wait until we buy it before you can take it out of the box,” you can hear her say. Success! Our package sells.

Whether it’s for a product name or copy for food (organic is my passion), the latest gadget (solar-powered, perhaps), or even luxury items (a girl can dream), I can partner with you to help sell your product, in minimal packaging from recycled materials, if you can.

Want to go virtual? I also create interactive content on demand. Play on one of the smartest sites around:

An introduction online is fine. A phone call is very cool. In person is even better. Take a look at my work. And yes, “try me”!

I write copy for packages.

A package is a little, bitty billboard on the retail shelf.
Who has time to read? Not everyone, but every once in a blue moon, someone will actually take the time to scan even the smallest print. I like that. Because I write the small print as well as come up with some of the big ideas.

While most of my examples here are from Mattel, I can apply my lessons learned to a myriad of industries. Be concise. Tell a story. First impressions last.

Let's get your product in this gallery!

P.S. Make sure you scroll over the pictures and read the captions.

I create names for products and services.

While at Mattel, I managed the naming process for my projects from ideation and presentation to final approval by Trademark Legal. I worked with Language Support Group and International Marketing, assuring cultural and linguistic acceptance. From names for an entirely new brand to Barbie doll's new puppy. Do you have any idea how many names we would present? Lots. That's why I liked leading brainstorms. Because we always needed to present more. That was the game of the name.

One of our challenges was creating a name that could be used without a translation. Le Weekend may sound like a sexy French movie, but it was actually a name used for a low-priced Barbie® doll sold internationally - without translation.

Hang out with me at @NameGirl where I tweet about the clever -- or not so clever -- names I come across.


I've been busy, but could be busier.

Looking for a smart and dependable writer who delivers innovative, strategic content? Look no further.

A socially-responsible marketing communications professional who delivers innovative strategic content. Key strengths: creativity, conceptual thinking, problem-solving and trend analysis. Excels at building and maintaining  relationships with businesses, media and community. Thrives in an entrepreneurial as well as corporate environment with a diverse audience. Writing is enhanced by passionate involvement in community as well as dedication to environmental and social concerns.


Freelance Content Writer / Present
Pitch and write stories for local online community newspaper with an emphasis on green and sustainable subjects: The Green Files.

Interactive Copywriter / Present
Write content and maintain consistency throughout site, a premier virtual world where girls and women become their own interior designers.

Project Copywriter / Packaging & eCommerce / 1990 - 2009
Brands include Disney Entertainment properties (“Pocahontas,” “Lion King,” “Hercules,” “The Princess and the Frog”) and Disney tween properties (“Hannah Montana,” “High School Musical” and “Camp Rock”), Barbie, Hot Wheels and Little Mommy as well as licensed properties including American Gladiator and Last Action Hero.
o Supported Disney movie launches with packaging design and copy, adhering to licensing guidelines with expedited schedules.
o Wrote co-branded copy for Barbie with cause-related projects including Milk Advisory Board, Girls Inc., and March of Dimes among others, successfully introducing issues into new markets and building customized product line.
o Initiated fundraising partnership between Alan Friedman Diamonds and Mattel’s Children Affected by AIDS Foundation for ongoing successful fundraising relationship.
o Researched cause-marketing concepts for girls’ products with support of Mattel Foundation.
o Wrote etail copy for girls’ products, collaborating with and Licensing for “one voice” across all platforms.
o Implemented bi-lingual (English/Spanish) instructions for infant preschool products, ensuring correct assembly for safe products.
o Edited all content in strict accordance with legal and safety guidelines to ensure quality and industry standards.
o Hired and managed “night shift” staff and outside vendors to expedite approvals and adhere to deadlines.
o Consistently maintained budgets and reduced costs, specifically in the name development area.

Walk to School: initiated campaign for local school district
NetWalkers & Co. | Troop 90210: walking group for networking
Team Beverly Hills, '10 graduate

Public relations writer, American Civil Liberties Union
Film publicist/special events assistant, Los Angeles Film Exposition
Publicist, Los Angeles Film Teachers’ Association
Reporter/public affairs producer, KPFK

BA Journalism/Political Science emphasis: California State University, Northridge
Fund-Raising Certificate, UCLA Extension (in progress)
Marketing and Sales Certificate: Loyola Marymount University
Smart Cycling: Street Skills 101
Web Design, Child Development: UCLA Extension

Love to hear from you.

An introduction online is fine. A phone call is very cool. In person is even better.  And yes, “try me”!

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